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FTC Houston SW League Scrimmage

26 Oct 2019

Don't forget to log this contest!
Rookie members: what did you learn? What did you do? How did you feel?
Members that taught the workshops: What did you teach, etc. Also reflect on the contest! What went well and what can be improved upon?
Also, a BIG shoutout for Jacob, Erica, and Danielle for coming in and nailing us an outreach event as well as a good rep with the Missouri City Library!

Upcoming Competitions

18 Oct 2019

Oct 26 - FTC SW League Scrimmage
Nov 16 - FTC SW League Match
Dec 14 - FTC SW League Match

Also, new members, if you don't get your dues in, you will NOT be participating at the comp. Veterans, get your dues in asap. Thank you!

Forms need to be filled out!

24 Sept 2019

Everyone is required to fill out these forms; complete them and return them to Sonnier ASAP. Leave the team number blank.
If you are unable to print them, Sonnier has plenty printed out already; all you have to do is ask. View forms

Workshops start

16 Sept 2019

Workshops start tommorow, Sept 16. Signup here: Workshop Signup
P.S. Pay your dues! Pay Dues

Robotics is now an SNHS approved club!

15 Sept 2019

Good news! Robotics is now a SNHS-approved Science club! What that means is:
a. We won't be short of volunteers for any events!
b. We will be able to earn SNHS points for running our contests and doing community outreach!
(Excess SNHS points can be transfered to YES hours)

General meeting

23 Aug 2019

General meeting on 3rd Sept.

Parent Meeting

23 Aug 2019

Parent meeting on the 4th of September at 5:30 PM, before open house.

General meeting

23 Aug 2019

General meeting on 3rd Sept.

Interest Meetings

19 Aug 2019

Interest meetings are on Aug 23rd, and Aug 27th in Room G102 (behind the cafeteria) at 3 P.M.

New Website!

9 Aug 2019

As you can probably tell, we have completely overhauled our site, including switching from HTML & Javascript/CoffeeScript to PHP, as well as changing the look and feel to a more modern one. This should allow for a better user experience, and is also more efficient.